Diverse possibilities arise when it comes to rooftops: water harvesting and storage, green roofs, and blue-green roofs.These versatile spaces offer solutions for urban water management, allowing rainwater collection, reducing runoff, and supporting biodiversity with lush vegetation. These green initiatives enhance sustainability and resilience in cities while creating more vibrant and eco-friendly urban environments. A great example of a multifunctional roof is Project Mannoury in Amsterdam.

challenges and demands

Roofs pose challenges in water management due to their expansive, impermeable surfaces that exacerbate urban heat islands. Mitigating these issues requires innovative solutions like blue-green roofs and improved drainage systems to reduce runoff and cool urban areas.

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City challenges

Abundant water

Water boards worldwide are faced with a form of flooding. During heavy rain showers, streets and sewers overflow. This phenomenon will be counteracted by creating extra space to buffer rainwater and relieve the sewers.

City challenges

Traditional roofs

Traditional roofs are a source of heat and harbor a lot of heat stress. Aesthetically, these roofs add nothing to the environment and, apart from blocking out the elements, roofs have no further function.

City challenges

(Un)usable space

Space in cities is scarce. People are constantly looking for new places to stay or use. Roofs, no matter where: for example on apartment complexes, offices, parking garages, sports halls, offer great opportunities to store water, grow greenery, enhance biodiversity or provide accommodation.

That's why we developed these products

The solutions crafted by DutchBlue, in collaboration with a network of specialized partners to address the challenges previously outlined. The following innovative applications represent a robust response to the complex urban and sporting obstacles, offering a promising path forward for progress and growth in the field. Read more about the revolutionary solutions below.

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