Rainup Pro Sensors

High-end water level and soil moisture sensor technology, providing you with actual data displayed in a personally developed online dashboard.

Measuring actual data is paramount in ensuring the success and efficiency of any project. It serves as the foundation upon which informed decisions can be made. These measurements play a pivotal role in responding to weather predictions and managing water resources on-site more effectively.

Accurate data on water levels provides essential insights for various applications. By continuously monitoring and measuring water levels, stakeholders can prepare for and respond to weather predictions with greater precision. This is crucial in flood management and (passive) irrigation systems where stormwater plays a significant role. Real-time data enables you to make timely adjustments, preventing potential climate nuisance and optimizing natural resource allocation.

The specially developed online dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of all ongoing projects, allowing for centralized control and real-time monitoring. Facilitating efficient decision-making and resource allocation.

Rainup PRO sensors installed at Project Middenmeer.

Tailored Water Management Solutions with Rainup

Rainup sees rainwater in urban areas as a building block, not a problem. By collecting it where it falls and using it when needed, we create a healthy, climate-resilient living environment. Water management solutions for private housing.
Water Level Sensor

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Soil Moisture Sensor

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Rainup Control Unit

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In practice

DutchBlue is on a mission to transform the urban water management industry with innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability and efficiency.
A angled top view from the research location
Percent retained rainwater

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