High-quality outdoor sports fields in urban areas play a pivotal role in providing space for physical activity and promoting a healthy environment.

These fields offer residents opportunities for various sports, fostering physical fitness and community engagement. Furthermore, the presence of green, open spaces contributes to urban cooling, improves air quality, and enhances the overall well-being of city dwellers, making them essential elements for vibrant, sustainable cities.

challenges and demands

Cities lacking green spaces and sports fields are at risk of experiencing adverse climatic conditions. Insufficient vegetation can lead to increased heat, poor air quality, and limited opportunities for physical activity, posing health and environmental challenges for urban populations.

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City challenges

Abundant water

Waterboards worldwide are faced with a form of flooding. During heavy rain showers, streets and sewers overflow. This phenomenon will be counteracted by creating extra space to buffer rainwater and relieve the sewers.

City challenges

Increasingly populated cities

Cities are becoming increasingly densely populated and petrified. As a result, the space for vegetation and sports locations is decreasing and the locations that are there are becoming increasingly heavily loaded. The quality and level of care of these locations must be of top quality.

That's why we developed these products

The solutions crafted by DutchBlue, in collaboration with a network of specialized partners to address the challenges previously outlined. The following innovative applications represent a robust response to the complex urban and sporting obstacles, offering a promising path forward for progress and growth in the field. Read more about the revolutionary solutions below.

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