TKI project Mannoury Amsterdam

Koningin Wilhelminaplein
The Netherlands

TKI project Urban Photosynthesis Mannoury, three functions combined on roofs: greening, water reuse and energy generation.

Mannoury is a unique 64 apartment building in Amsterdam that contributes to biodiversity, quality of life and energy transition by combining a blue-green roof, gray water treatment and efficient solar panels.

Permavoid capillary system build-up
How we do it

The hollow Permavoid subbase makes it possible to store more rainwater in lightweight geocellular units underneath the soil in podium decks, blue-green roof systems and roof gardens. This stored rainwater is made available to the plants by capillary rise through capillary fibre columns in the Permavoid units. This nature- based solution of capillary irrigation eliminates the need for drip lines, valves, hoses, pumps and the associated maintenance requirements. Water is available for the plants when they need it, naturally, on-demand, and most importantly without the use of energy; just like in nature. Water is the key to successful green infrastructure at any level, in every green design. Keep rainwater out of the sewer and put it to work to support, biodiversity and help cool the urban environment.

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