Trees in cities are essential for numerous reasons. They offer shade, reducing the urban heat island effect and cooling temperatures. Trees improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen, enhancing the overall health of city dwellers. Additionally, they provide habitats for wildlife and create green, serene spaces for recreation. These green giants not only beautify urban landscapes but also play a critical role in making cities more sustainable, livable, and environmentally friendly.

challenges and demands

Urban trees face various challenges. Pollution, compacted soil, limited space, and pests can hinder their growth and health. Ensuring proper care and urban planning is essential to overcome these obstacles and preserve the benefits that trees bring to city environments.

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City challenges

Warming up

Cities are increasingly experiencing problems from the Urban Heat Island effect. Cities are heating up more and more. The climate and residents are greatly affected by this. It has a major influence on comfort and enjoyment of life and must be reduced.

City challenges

Healthy growing space

Urban foresters, architects and project developers experience a growing challenge to give both existing and new trees a chance in the city. The challenge for existing trees is to protect them in a ever changing city during construction and for new trees, creating sufficient growth space in the already busy landscape below ground is an increasing challenge.

City challenges

Increasingly populated cities

Cities are becoming increasingly densely populated and petrified. As a result, the space for vegetation and sports locations is decreasing and the locations that are there are becoming increasingly heavily loaded. The quality and level of care of these locations must be of top quality.

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