Introducing Bluelay
cooling your pitch is our field of expertise.

Conventional synthetic turf pitches provide good performance, however they absorb much more energy from solar radiation than natural grass pitches do, which they then proceed to emit as heat. This results in uncomfortable playing conditions for athletes, leading to a decrease in hours of play and contributes to the urban heat-island effect; a problem cities all around the world increasingly have to deal with because of climate change. Combined with the increase of people who want to live in cities, leading to more hours of play needed, a new perspective on the functionality of sports pitches in urban areas is essential. That's why we've developed BlueLay.

How does it work?

BlueLay is a water retaining 23 or 30 mm layer with shockpad functionality made from stone wool; a natural based product. The product is specially designed to absorb water and sustain the loadings applied on synthetic turf for sport. BlueLay is fully circular and can be recycled into new stone wool products at the end of its lifetime. It can be recycled again and again without degrading its quality.

enabling non-plastic infill, conform international sports norm requirements.