Learn More about our partners

With our partners we're constantly developing and optimizing watermanagement solutions to make urban areas and sports facilities future-proof. Together we make a significant impact on the world with advanced water technology. Have a look at our highly valued partners.


The Permavoid range of products and systems are capable of creating circular, nature-based solutions for sustainable water management in metropolitan areas. Solutions encompass urban trees, Blue-Green roofs, podium decks, gardens and sports pitches.


Lapinus is our product development partner for BlueLay. Years of research & development lead to our revolutionary solution. Lapinus is part of the Rockwool Group; market leader in mineral stonewool solutions.

KWR Water Research Institute

Our products and systems are a result of years of market research, finding the right specialists, product development and trial & error. Before we claim that our technology works, we cooperate with independent research institutes and invest in pilot projects such as TKI-Project Citysports.

New Urban Standard

Together with New Urban Standard we keep the cities of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg resilient and cool. Together we've installed multiple sports pitches in cities to reduce the urban heat-island effect and improve city life.


From high-end sports pitches to playgrounds at home; BlueLay has proven to be the missing link in managing water beneath synthetic turf. With our partner Rainup we've tailored technologies and products leading to accessible, solutions for you to install on top and around your home.

Wageningen University & Research

Together with Wageningen University & Research we explore the potential of nature to improve quality of city life. With their Nature-based Solutions department we're constantly working on product & system validation on providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits.