Playgrounds in cities are vital spaces that foster physical activity, social interaction, and childhood development. They provide a safe and accessible environment for children to play, learn, and develop important skills. Beyond their immediate benefits, playgrounds promote community cohesion, encourage outdoor recreation, and contribute to the overall well-being and happiness of urban residents. Investing in well-maintained and inclusive playgrounds is an investment in the health and future of our cities.

challenges and demands

The urban heat island effect can significantly impact urban environments. It leads to higher temperatures in cities compared to surrounding areas, contributing to heat-related health issues, increased energy consumption, and strain on infrastructure. Mitigating this effect is crucial for creating more comfortable and sustainable cities.

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City challenges

Abundant water

Water boards worldwide are faced with a form of flooding. During heavy rain showers, streets and sewers overflow. This phenomenon will be counteracted by creating extra space to buffer rainwater and relieve the sewers.

City challenges

Safe and accessible

Playgrounds should be accessible outdoors and above all safe. This applies to both the surface and the structure, so that people can recreate here without the risk of dangerous situations.

City challenges

Warming up

Cities are increasingly experiencing problems from the Urban Heat Island effect, they're heating up more and more. The climate and residents are greatly affected by this. It has a major influence on comfort and enjoyment of life and must be reduced. Due to the choice of materials used in playgrounds and on playing fields, the temperature of these locations is too high on hot days, meaning that these locations cannot be used.

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