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Traditional artificial turf fields become extremely hot at higher temperatures, limiting their playability and contributing to the heat island effect. In response to this issue, DutchBlue has developed the BlueLay, a water-retaining layer with sports-related properties. This water-retaining layer can hold up to 27 liters per square meter and, through capillary action and evaporation, cools the synthetic grass above it when needed. If the mat has a sufficiently open structure to allow this evaporation to occur, the artificial grass will be cooled to a temperature just 1 degree higher than that of a natural grass field under the same conditions.

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At the T.O.S. Actief site, the BlueLay F30 was chosen for implementation. It was applied directly to the subbase, and the artificial grass was laid on top of it. Natural infills of sand and cork were added to the artificial grass. The water storage capacity of the total 8000 square meter area is 216,000 liters. This field contributes to water management and helps cool the field during high temperatures, mitigating the heat island effect. This field provides a sustainable solution for a better climate. Thanks to its cooling effect, the field can be used comfortably at warm temperatures without compromising the health and safety of athletes.

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