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Sporthelden­buurt Hockey/Korfball Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Multifunctional sports pitches in the middle of the city

Inspired by Project Citysports we've installed two sports pitches in Amsterdam with full stormwater management. The multifunctional sports pitch (used for hockey and korfball) contains a natural infill, from where water eventually can evaporate during hot summer days. This evaporation generates the cooling effect, allowing athletes to play safely on the pitch. Instead of contributing to the urban heat-island effect these two pitches mitigate the effects of climate change.

SolutionsBluelay in combination with Permavoid
Square meter
Water capacity
Used products
Full training pitches installed to provide a safer and more comfortable space for the youth players to play hockey.
How we do it

Permavoid and BlueLay are a perfect match, combining superior water management and heat reduction. Permavoid's subsurface technology complements and water retaining capacity, BlueLay's cooling and drainage properties, resulting in an ideal solution for mitigating heat and enhancing water retention in sports fields and other applications. This synergy was applied to tackle heat island effects and create sustainable, comfortable environments.

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