Sportheldenbuurt Football Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Multifunctional sports pitches in the middle of the city.

Inspired by Project Citysports we've installed two sports pitches in Amsterdam with full stormwater management. The football pitch contains a natural infill, from where water eventually can evaporate during hot summer days. This evaporation generates the cooling effect, allowing athletes to play safely on the pitch. Instead of contributing to the urban heat-island effect these two pitches mitigate the effects of climate change.

SolutionsDrainmix in combination with Permavoid
Square meter
Water capacity
Used products
The subbase of this footballpitch consists of Drainmix where we installed our BlueLay shockpad on top, where rainwater is collected and stored for reuse.
How we do it

Apart from providing all desired sport-technical characteristics, the capillary shockpad is able to naturally transport the water to the synthetic turf placed on top.

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