Rooftop sportspitch London

United Kingdom

Multifunctional rooftop pitch

The project developer incorporated a novel and innovative rooftop sports facility, utilizing valuable rooftop space for sports. BlueLay, a stone wool product, is non-combustible and acts as a natural fire barrier with a high melting point (> 1000 °C), meaning it does not contribute to a fire. The water retained in the BlueLay increases fire resistance because water is cold and something only burns when it’s hot. Water seals off a burning object from air, and fire needs oxygen from the air to burn.

SolutionsPermavoid with BlueLay
Square meter
Water capacity
Used products
Full training pitche installed on this roof to create a comfortable space for players to play multiple sports such as football.
How we do it

A sand-infill turf with BlueLay can be classified as B-Roof (T4), according European classification and UK classified as EXT.F.ACD. Adding the water retaining BlueLay shockpad and reusing stormwater makes this building a perfect example of how cities can be built more resilient.

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